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UNDANG-UNDANG MALAYSIA-AKTA 369: AKTA CUTI 1951 (Termasuk perubahan sehingga 1 Januari 2006)

An Act to provide for public and bank holidays
Section 8: Minister may appoint special days to be observed as bank or public holidays

8. The
Minister may, by notification in the Gazette or in such other manner as he thinks fit, appoint, in respect of Peninsular Malaysia, or the Federal Territory or, after consultation with the State Authority, in respect of a State, a day to be observed as a public holiday or a bank holiday in addition to, or in substitution for, any of the days mentioned in the Schedules and thereupon this Act shall, in Peninsular Malaysia, or in the Federal Territory, or in the State in respect of which a day is appointed to be observed as a holiday as aforesaid, be applicable to such day in the same manner as if the said day had been mentioned in the First Schedule or the Second Schedule, as the case may be.

Section 7: Payments, etc. on public or bank holidays

7. (1) Except where by regulations made under this Act or written contract it is expressly provided to the contrary,
no person shall be compellable on a public holiday to make any payment under, or do any act in performance of, a contract:

that nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to affect the terms and conditions of service under which a person is employed.

No person shall be compellable on a bank holiday to make any paymentany act requiring a banking service. in or at a bank or to do in or at a bank
(3) The obligation to make such payment or to do such act shall apply to the day following such public or bank holiday not being a weekly or a public or bank holiday.

(4) The making of such payment and the doing of such act on such following day shall be
equivalent to payment of the money or performance of the act on the holiday.
Mengapa cuti diasingkan mengikut "public" dan "bank", bukan public dan private?

Adalah langkah terakhir untuk mengelakkan pengeluaran wang secara besar-besaran oleh pendeposit apabila berlaku panik?

Ketika Great Depression 1920an...
"Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first act as President was to declare a national "bank holiday" – closing the banks for a three-day cooling off period"

Perkara ini berlaku di Amerika tahun 1920an. Adakah sejarah akan berulang dan yang lebih buruknya adakah Malaysia juga akan terlibat? 

Bank bercuti punya pasal, habis semua operation freeze, termasuk apa-apa terma bayaran di bawah apa-apa kontrak yang dimasuki oleh semua... kecuali kontrak pekerjaan.

Persoalan lain, macam mana majikan nak bayar gaji kalau kontrak jual-beli etc semua freeze? Kalau setiap pekerja file saman dan claim breach of contract berserta menuntut kerugian sampai umur pencen, tak mampus semua majikan?

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